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17 November 2022 - 18 November 2022
Bozen, Italy
Interpoma Business Match 2022


On the 17th and 18th November 2022, on the occasion of the Interpoma trade show 2022, the EEN Service Bozen/Bolzano organizes the virtual brokerage event INTERPOMA BUSINESS MATCH.

Why the apple?

Apple production is one of the most representative local economic sectors, including the products obtained and processed from it, which affect all stages of the apple value chain: from production, cultivation, processing of the product and its derivatives to distribution.

South Tyrol, with its 18,000 hectares of cultivable land, is the largest closed apple-growing area in Europe and is one of the technically most important apple-growing countries in the world.

In detail, the sectors participating in the event are as follows:

  • cultivation equipment
  • organic cultivation
  • machinery
  • equipment and materials for fruit cultivation and harvesting
  • fertilizers 
  • packaging, machinery and materials for packaging
  • controlling, data processing, software
  • technical aids, measurement and control systems
  • storage, logistic-systems
  • technical systems, fruit processing machines
  • information and consultancy
  • tree nursery supplies 

Participants will have the possibility to:  

During the B2B Match, the participating companies will have the opportunity to meet South Tyrolean, Italian and international companies online, to get to know each other and to establish new contacts, with the aim of initiating immediate or later business agreements and cooperation.

The B2B is addressed to:

  • apple producers
  • traders of fruit and vegetables
  • research/scientific institutes
  • dealers in agricultural machinery and equipment
  • start-ups in the agricultural sector
Closed since 18 November 2022
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Participants 89
Meetings 38
Italy 45
Slovenia 7
Switzerland 4
Israel 3
Austria 3
India 2
Belgium 2
Romania 2
North Macedonia 2
Hungary 2
Nigeria 2
Brazil 2
Greece 1
France 1
Philippines 1
Slovakia 1
South Korea 1
Pakistan 1
Iraq 1
Netherlands 1
Canada 1
United Kingdom 1
Lebanon 1
Ukraine 1
United States 1
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Total 90
Company 61
Other 10
Distributer/Wholesaler 6
Cultivator/Farmer 5
Supplier 5
Consulting 2
R&D Institution/University 1
Total 90
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Total 1600